If you have put an effort to build your website it is important that your website be optimised for mobiles as well. This is where responsive design comes into play. Adding a responsive deign to your website is a brilliant investment which is also the need of today.

Adding a responsive design to your site simply means your website will alter its appearance according to the device it is being viewed on. The content on the site remains the same while the layout of various web elements changes to suit the device’s screen. This allows the users for a great website using experience since with a responsive design it doesn’t matter anymore what’s the size of the device being used.

If you want your users to see a content on your site so that they complete the set goals on the it, don’t let your users struggle by zooming or pinching to find it. This will keep them motivated to use your site to their convenience and as they like, meaning increased traffic. Moreover, an added benefit is a higher rank on Google since it ranks a site optimised mobile devices, better. Conversion rates are higher for your optimised site since users tend to stay longer on such a website.

The world’s going through a huge mobile revolution. Are you ready to make your business boost with it?

How Does A Responsive Website Work?

If you really are interested in its ‘know how’, we will be pleased to chat with you and give a deep insight of a superb optimised website. However, on the non-technical front, to optimize your website, certain codes are added so that the site recognize the various devices it is being viewed on and respond accordingly. The website then changes its display appearance depending upon the screen size of the device allowing the content to be displayed optimally.

Since the layout changes as per the device’s size, in case of smartphones the content falls in a single column that can be scrolled down to view. Depending upon your priorities, the images too can be hidden or resized accordingly.

Advantages of a Responsive Design

  • Produces a great user experience leading to the audience staying for longer duration and hence, a higher chance of them to ‘convert’
  • Eliminates the issues of duplicate content that usually happens in case of a different mobile version of the website
  • Improves Google ranking of your site- especially in case of mobile search
  • Creates superior landing pages for PPC advertising campaigns on mobiles

Almost every new website is built nowadays using responsive design technique. If your existing website is not optimised or built in this way then you could be losing in the competition. It is time you get ahead and optimise your site now. If you are looking for designers, please contact us.